They say bloggers are ko, blogs are obsolete and boring, people does not want to waste time reading articles and they are no longer interested in words.

They say fashion, food, trends, style and travels now are worldwide accessible from Instagram or Snapchat, fast see fast forget.

They say…

I am an outsider, I have always been and probably always be. Since I was a child, I liked challenges. Nothing is more interesting for me than fighting for something that seems to be IMPOSSIBLE. I worked for years as problem solver, then I realized I couldn’t do anything better, so I resigned (with a huge closet and a massive amount of heels!). 

I can’t skip this challenge, I would normally do, but I have so many things to say, that I decided to start my own blog.

thenoirjuice is a concept space that gathers lifestyle, trends, reports, tastes, colors, travels, events, images and scents. I strive for excellence, because real luxury is the freedom of being unique. 

Enjoy the travel!

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